Open Source

Call center program source code can be seen which companies can use to do secondary development according to demand. What’s more, a wealth of interfaces to achieve seamless docking with third parties.

Open Source Code

What is open source code? That is, all the software is written in source code, and finally generated by compiling the system or application. Open source software guarantees that everyone can get the code. This means that no company can completely monopolize it, which is a shared code. Open source means free choice of power, and free choice means stimulating more creative energy.

Code-open function can provide more in-depth customization capabilities for capable carriers. According to the actual needs of the company customized system functions, the company's management will be more in line with the operational situation.

In terms of security performance, WCC allows you to see the code, and make you more realistically feel the reliability of our call center. Users can enjoy the convenience of information upgrading and can be customized to upgrade the current call center functions. Lots of users and developers are involved in using and testing together to make our call system more stable and usable. A large amount of authorized cost savings will be used to focus your core business.

Third Party Integration

Integration is the integration of separate devices, functions and information into interconnected, unified and coordinated systems through structured cabling systems and computer network technologies, which enables the full sharing of resources to achieve centralized, efficient and convenient management.

  • Quickly understand past conversations through activity history
  • Save and update all call records, activities, notes and data in real time
  • Important voice will replace text communication
  • seamless connection

About WCC

Our contact center system is a cloud native solution, and also has an intelligent contact center architecture and solutions which is designed for the growing needs of multichannel customers in order to deliver an intelligent and efficient operational experience for you.