• WCC multichannel Contact center is an intelligent contact center structure, not only with the traditional voice, SMS, mail, video, but also through the innovation of wechat, Mobile SDK, weibo, Web customer service, to create a multitudes "calls" to a single "respond" age.
  • With the development of the Internet and its infiltration in various fields of human life, new communication services such as Twitter, Facebook and Mobile SDK have emerged. To some extent, the emergence of an all-round contact center in Darcy West is a product of the times that is a necessary part of the times
  • WCC omnichannel contact center is based on its real cloud delivery, cloud design, cloud Network and advanced intelligent Contact system, which stands out from other call center solutions in the market
  • In today's ever-changing technology world, automation and computer thinking are gradually changing the enterprise level and breaking the business structure of internal employees. We use the AI technology panorama in our intelligent channel center to maximize the release of intelligent communication
  • Contact center and Intelligent AI Fusion application, such as intelligent quality inspection, voice recognition intelligent collection and other intelligent services, intended to bring you more efficient and secure intelligent service experience
  • Commitment to enable every customer to improve their work efficiency and respond more quickly to various business challenges. Our products can provide customers with accurate market information, analysis of business operations data and intelligent communication, so as to tailor a flexible and diverse business solutions, to bring you a different contact center experience

For the operators

We provide more targeted functions to support operators pursuit of intelligence, convenience and openness.

  • Large data TM, making full use of existing data to maximize its value
  • Rapid deployment, efficient Office experience based on web deployments
  • SaaS-PaaS multi-level management meets the different needs of tenants
  • Open source and integration, system is more secure and compatibility is more completed
  • High availability and high concurrency, lower failure rates and large-capacity single-column support


For TM and Customer Service

Using omnichannel communication and combining with artificial intelligence to achieve maximum efficiency of work.

  • Traditional channels: Voice call, SMS Processing center, video contact, email interaction
  • Innovation channels: WeChat Center, Mobile SDK, weibo center, web customer service
  • Advanced ASR and TTS use saves a lot of labor cost which let customer focus on more difficult problem handling
  • Robot quality control instead of manual quality inspection can fast handle with processing of large number of recordings as well as problem-solving and explore effective information.



Create a new era of efficient office



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The most efficient Office system brings you to a new experience in digital age.

To create an intelligent contact center with multitudes"calls" to a single "respond" for you.


Perfect system function

  • PaaS-SaaS multilevel management
  • Exclusive customization for operators
  • multichannel integrated contact center
  • The perfect experience of artificial intelligence

About WCC

Our contact center system is a cloud native solution, and also has an intelligent contact center architecture and solutions which is designed for the growing needs of multichannel customers in order to deliver an intelligent and efficient operational experience for you.