Call settings

The voice setting module is a very important function module in the entire system of the West Side. Under this functional module, users can make detailed settings and definitions for their call center.


When the agent calls with the customer, the agent's job page can directly conduct questionnaire survey on the customer according to the questionnaire content. It can also directly set up the questionnaire... ...

rpt w/o log

The report function can quickly export project or task details or summary information. The setting of the work order enables the internal personnel's work record to be more clearly feedback. The log function tells... ...


The system provides agent-level monitoring and global monitoring capabilities. The leader can monitor the work of one or more skill groups. Intelligent quality inspection can fully examine agent's... ...

About WCC

Our contact center system is a cloud native solution, and also has an intelligent contact center architecture and solutions which is designed for the growing needs of multichannel customers in order to deliver an intelligent and efficient operational experience for you.