Operator Seamless Connection Experience

Full-range experience for operators to achieve seamless connectivity

In today's complex and fast-paced retail world, smart consumers are expecting fast service, quick response to issues, and seamless purchase, delivery, exchange, and return of products or goods. All of these demands can put a lot of pressure on the retailers. In order to alleviate the pressure of meeting customers’ expectations and to keep up with the rapidly changing business landscape, retailers must look for innovative ways to deliver a dynamic, omnichannel customer experience that crosses the boundaries between digital and brick and mortar environments. In the following article, Voip-Info addresses the challenges of digital transformation and the need for retailers to deliver seamless customer service both in-store and through omnichannel environments. Michael Wood, the Vice President of Marketing at VeloCloud, also shares insights on how retailers can take advantage of a cloud-based software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solution to deliver an agile, flexible, and limitless network model that will help them build the “store of the future”.

The Changing Retail Landscape

he advent of new technologies such as the cloud and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) as well as the proliferation of mobile and wireless devices continue to reshape the business landscape. Amongst the top industries that are affected by the digital revolution is the retail business. Now more than ever, retailers face a number of challenges that hinder them from delivering exceptional customer experiences. Although the goal of retail has always been focused on selling the best products to the consumers at the same time enticing them to come back, the delivery of this type of service is rapidly evolving and becoming more complex. Today’s customers expect retailers to deliver exceptional shopping experiences across all platforms, be it online, in-store, or through a mobile device and other communication channels. So how can retailers enhance the customer experience?

We believe that operators want to provide a more comprehensive service is a need for a full range of strategic deployment. We believe that "current customers need immediate satisfaction, complete knowledge support, and assurance of basic technical support regardless of geographic constraints." "Without such experience, operators will face customer churn." This means that operators want to stay competitive and provide a stable access to the library is necessary, customer data access and purchase of these visits are available on the application and the network....

However, operators may want to provide a more and more shopping experience to customers who choose multichannel shopping for a seamless connection across different platforms, which can be a dilemma. As with other industries, the business of the operations industry is also evolving, the key lies in the application of cloud technology and more and more store technology, high-speed bandwidth to provide to deal with the full channel experience. Of course, the implementation of these features will lead to more complex management and higher costs, especially if you are dealing with these large data with potentially poorly equipped networks. So how to deal with these operations and technical hurdles that operators face is a fundamental problem.

WCC multichannel Contact Center can eliminate these concerns, and not only allows operators to enjoy fast and reliable connectivity but also increases bandwidth to improve network visibility, which can provide customers with components for a better experience.These include self-service terminals in operation as well as free WiFi, which can establish a future operating model that prepares the business to stay talk-free, error-free and maintain a better multichannel experience.

WCC multichannel Contact Center will establish a better operation network.

A more flexible and efficient operation strategy is needed to establish a complete operation network in different channels

“To provide an excellent experience of all the features the customer needs and to build a multichannel strategy, operators also need to consider the business requirements, which exceeds the cost price of the traditional architecture. But this is another question about where the new operations branch is free to deploy? How soon is the deployment? How long will it be profitable? "Of course, time is the ultimate test of these factors and WCC multichannel contact center."

As the leading supplier of WCC multichannel contact center, Sonicwell is a more effective network model to help operators build a "future Operation Model".We believe that "a flexible, fast, unlimited network structure based on the operators can imagine and realize the future operation model."But it is impossible for traditional networks, because traditional networks do not have the flexibility to build, the cost is expensive, and can not be free expansion. This is what we know about the main workings of cloud computing that are true feedback from our customers.

We have shared complex operations. In the past three years ago, if management decided to set up an operating site in the countryside, it teams would have to provide a source link and send expensive hardware, as well as hire an engineer to work on the site for a few days to achieve all the technology and construction.And it takes a few hours to build all the clouds, but it doesn't guarantee the quality of the building. But through the WCC multichannel contact center, customer say they can use a good connection in five days to get new locations and operations with high quality service and reliability.

WCC multichannel Contact center provides dynamic, all-round operation experience.

Achieving a seamless and practical multichannel customer experience is a common goal for any operator

At the same time, the operation industry is eager to provide a full channel customer experience, many operators are still trying to overcome technical and organizational barriers which hinder their customers to achieve better service. Sonicwell has developed a truly multichannel contact center solution to help operators cope with the challenges of digital transformation and significantly improve the speed of development and the quality of the multichannel experience of end users.

Why is the WCC multichannel contact center so different? The WCC multichannel contact center stands out from other network solutions in the marketplace because of its true cloud delivery, cloud design, and cloud network. WCC multichannel contact center was designed to cope with the changes in cloud computing. Most of the network available solutions today are based on hardware or software and are redesigned or redesigned to support cloud networks. However the network solution is based on hardware or software, there will be a clear difference, because you will encounter network restrictions or other flexibility issues, and only the WCC multichannel contact center does not have these problems, this is what he is different from the place.

The sixth important part of WCC multichannel contact center

  • Code open source and seamless integration
  • SaaS/PaaS Multilevel Management

  • Large Data TM
  • Rapid deployment
  • High Availability High concurrency
  • Artificial Intelligence Technology

WCC multichannel contact Center also brings flexibility and security to the operations industry which enable people to use affordable and scalable networks. WCC helps operators use a hybrid network to ensure the highest application performance, even for real-time applications and to manage hundreds and thousands of central sites. This will result in efficient operations, lower costs, unmatched deployment and management performance in the industry.
WCC allows operators to build flexible network models which is necessary to support a full range of operational strategies and to provide a superior customer experience on all platforms. As a major supplier of all channel solutions in the marketplace, WCC multichannel contact center helps operators build "future operations" and accelerates the operator's digital transformation by upgrading agility, efficiency and security to their network infrastructure.

About WCC founding Company

Sonicwell Technology Company was founded in 2008, headquartered in Montreal, Canada, the company specializes in call center system development, as well as system integration. It is the world's leading integrated communications products and solutions provider which is based on open SIP standards to provide customers with stable and reliable, Powerful and extensible voice communication system.

Sonicwell entered the Mainland China market in the same year. It has invested two companies, mainly for operators to provide technical solutions.

With the rapid growth of the number of customers, in order to be able to provide local customers with better localization technical support and services, in 2014, we established the Dalian Sonicwell Information Technology Co., Ltd., which is the first wholly-owned company established in China.

Sonicwell promises to enable every customer to improve their work efficiency and respond to various business challenges more quickly. Our products can provide customers with accurate market information and analysis of operating data, so as to tailor a flexible and diverse business solutions. All solutions are in line with global standards, and customers are free to choose their own parts for the best experience.