Call settings

The voice setting module is a very important function module in the entire system of the West Side. Under this functional module, users can make detailed settings and definitions for their call center.


The system automatically dials the customer and assigns the call to the agent, which eliminates a series of actions such as agent search for numbers, dialing, and waiting for ringing. This saves more time ... ...


When the agent calls with the customer, the agent's job page can directly conduct questionnaire survey on the customer according to the questionnaire content. It can also directly set up the questionnaire... ...

rpt w/o log

The report function can quickly export project or task details or summary information. The setting of the work order enables the internal personnel's work record to be more clearly feedback. The log function tells... ...

Large screen real-time monitoring

In the real-time monitoring page, the user can click and log in as the agent to select multi-operation.

    Multiple operating scenarios:

  • Hang up: Force to hang up the entire call or one of the parties in the call (when more than three parties are talking)
  • Monitor: The team leader can hear the calls of agents between customers but the agent and the customer cannot hear the leader's voice.
  • Intrusion: The team leader joins the agent to talk with the customer and the three parties can hear each other's voice
  • Secret words: The team leader joins the call. The agent can hear the leader but the customer cannot hear it.
  • Demolitions: End agent calls and leader takes over call with customer.

Intelligent quality inspection

The intelligent quality inspection of WCC can fully meet the low-cost and high-efficiency quality inspection requirements in the market.

    Intelligent quality inspection overview:

  • Voice analysis: Apply voice and core language technologies, automatically convert interactive data such as mass recordings into structured index, search, filter, and classify keywords, greatly improving work efficiency, mining and analyzing valuable information.
  • Voice transcription: speaker separation, mute recognition, emotion detection, speech rate recognition
  • Text mining: classification trends, cross-analysis, cause mining, hot trends
  • Service Quality, Competitive Intelligence, Call Reasons, Hot Spots, Marketing Opportunities, Marketing Feedback

About WCC

Our contact center system is a cloud native solution, and also has an intelligent contact center architecture and solutions which is designed for the growing needs of multichannel customers in order to deliver an intelligent and efficient operational experience for you.