WCC in Japan

WCC multichannel contact center and cba-Japan reached a Japan regional sales cooperation.

cba-Japan is a Japanese software agency founded in 2006 with a pivotal position in Japan's local market。Mainly in the system integration, software development, call center business, call center program and other agent business. We also have cooperated with a number of well-known enterprises around the world. The agency cooperation of WCC and CBA not only represents the trust of WCC's products but also shows that WCC can bring the commercial value to make affirmation. at the same time, the breakthrough is also its favor of the important reason.

In nowadays, WeChat, Weibo and other APPs gradually dominate the social life. WCC keeps pace with the changing era to innovate and create multichannel contact center solutions which brings greater efficiency and provide intangible help for the enterprises success. For operators’ code, the business support of tenants is more targeted and usable. CBA took the lead in cooperating with WCC to achieve agency sales because of the prospects of WCC.

1What is multichannel contact center system?

WCC multichannel Contact Center, is a call center system software, mainly for operators and end customers, simply say that customer service application of the software. WCC is a call center solution designed to address increasingly diverse call demands. At the same time, for operators to add more targeted development function, to create an efficient work time.

2What are the advantages of the multichannel call center system?

In addition to the traditional channels such as telephone, mail and video business support, we also add a new channel for WeChat, Weibo, APP customer service integration and online customer support. The new functions for operators are more targeted.

3What are the support features for operators?

WCC-oriented operator functions are basically as follows: Open source and Third-party integration, using visible code to do two times development, rich interface to achieve seamless docking with the third party. SaaS/PaaS multi-level management, multiple tenant business support, the tenant logically independent, tenants do not interfere with each other to achieve data isolation. Large data TM to maximize data utilization. Support for web work, rapid deployment, efficient work, mobile office concept. Artificial intelligence technology in quality inspection and other aspects of the use, enjoy the results of automated and efficient work.

The future of WCC multichannel contact center will work together with CBA to win a future.