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This article mainly describes the specific operation guideline of the WCC Multichannel Contact Center so that you have a more intuitive experience to understand our full channel contact center use method.

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Direct access to product detailed operation, landing methods and intuitive understanding of product usage. Read more to help you understand our products more deeply。

Read more to help you understand our products more deeply

The experience of WCC is based on innovation and requirement that cater to the needs of operators, which can maximize the efficiency of production to bring the maximum efficiency。

High availability and concurrency of multichannel call centers

Contact center system helps enterprises manage lots of customer communication. Any disruption or deterioration of any service in the operation will have a significant impact. That's why high availability and concurrency occurred in the design and operation of the contact center system. This article describes the decisions related to high availability and fault tolerance in the WCC software platform development process.

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Experience from ordinary conversations to multi-channel contacts

A retrospective review of communication technology development in the contact center: an overview of the evolution of communication patterns between customers and enterprises, related technologies and the need for human resources for such changes. Give you a complete picture of the advantages of upgrading from a normal conversation to a multi-channel contact center

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WCC multichannel contact center

Our contact center system is a cloud native solution, and also has an intelligent contact center architecture and solutions which is designed for the growing needs of multichannel customers in order to deliver an intelligent and efficient operational experience for you.