Call settings

The voice setting module is a very important function module in the entire system of the West Side. Under this functional module, users can make detailed settings and definitions for their call center.


The system automatically dials the customer and assigns the call to the agent, which eliminates a series of actions such as agent search for numbers, dialing, and waiting for ringing. This saves more time ... ...

rpt w/o log

The report function can quickly export project or task details or summary information. The setting of the work order enables the internal personnel's work record to be more clearly feedback. The log function tells... ...


The system provides agent-level monitoring and global monitoring capabilities. The leader can monitor the work of one or more skill groups. Intelligent quality inspection can fully examine agent's... ...

Questionnaire application area

    Application scenario:

  • Customer Satisfaction Analysis Survey
  • Market research
  • Voice questionnaire

Characteristics of the questionnaire


  • Support questionnaire preview
  • Support questionnaire template
  • Support multiple problem types
  • Supports the questionnaire logic

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