Email Interactions

Agents can use the same skills-based distribution and media-priority rules to process incoming emails as well as calls, chats and mobile signals

WCC---Email Interaction

As part of our multichannel solution, all customer requests are sent to our agents’ desktop. From this user interface, agents can communicate with customers in each channel, including voice, SMS/text, chat, mobile signal and email-all communications at the same time.

Our multichannel system routes mail to agents, administrators, and agent groups who is at work. You can pull e-mail from the queue, or receive e-mail directly through a push method.

Many intuitive features provide simplified and comprehensive customer request processing. In addition to simple features such as compose, send, forward, and transfer, our email solutions provide more important advanced features such as text masking to hide sensitive data like credit card numbers, priority consideration and classification of email capabilities.

Completed Functional System

Email services are configured and managed in our powerful Contact Center Administrator application, and the details of people receiving e-mail are handled by WCC's advanced scenarios. In short, agents and administrators can work faster and better from their seating desktop.

  • Reply to customer messages
  • Send follow-up
  • Compose a new message

About WCC

Our contact center system is a cloud native solution, and also has an intelligent contact center architecture and solutions which is designed for the growing needs of multichannel customers in order to deliver an intelligent and efficient operational experience for you.