Call center system: what predictive dialer should do and what don’t

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Call center system: what predictive dialer should do and what don’t

There are many tools used in the call center system but Predictive dialer is the best tool among all. They can perform various tasks like dialing multiple phone calls, directing the calls that resulted in a next line that is available to take them. In fact, predictive dialer also helps company to save a lot of time instead of making a representative sit there and physically dial each number until they found the person who is willing to receive the call. A predictive dialer can dial multiple numbers in short span of time and connect to the representative whosoever is free. I know you must be thinking that call center system is quite simple but everything comes with positives and negatives. So, here are some dos and don’ts for predictive dialer that call center system should follow:

Firstly, you need to understand that there are various kinds of predictive dialer systems. Some operate independently while others are incorporated into your PBX system. Selecting the right dialer is a daunting task and needs detailed knowledge of your call process, business and regulatory needs. Predictive dialer is also linked to a lot of spam phone calls, so there are laws in place to limit what they can do and what they cannot. These laws have changed over the last decade trying to cope-up with the latest challenges offered by communication technology.

Next thing is don’t confuse yourself in predictive dialer, automated dialer and message broadcast system. Predictive dialer performs calculations based on the number of lines available, the chances of connecting to a live individual and how long it often takes a representative to pick and complete call. On the other hand, message broadcasting system or automated dialers are capable of dialing calls automatically joined with voice mail detection. Most of the VoIP service providers who offer this service also allow you to cross-reference call lists with national Do not call registry to assist business stay in agreement with do not call laws.

Predictive dialer also results in the limiting the number of abandoned calls. When there is no representative available to pick the call when predictive dialer connects to a person then an abandoned call happen. It clearly means the person is not going to stay on line so they hang up. Companies are not allowed under federal regulations to have more than three percent of abandoned calls in predictive dialer. Although three percent is quite bug, always try to take less number of abandoned calls as it shows alienated customer. The last thing is not to rely on a predictive dialer to call an important lead. These calls should be handled by an actual representative.
Predictive dialer holds a vital place in any call center system. They are certainly worth using, as long as businesses know what they’re getting into. It highly recommended tool for every call center system.

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