How Interactive Voice Response Systems Help To Handle Auto Attendant

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How Interactive Voice Response Systems Help To Handle Auto Attendant

nteractive Voice Response System, ivr system,call center    Generally, small business owners lost many potential customers. Have you ever given thought that why it happens? It because they do not have proper sound or there is a busy tone when the customers try to reach them. It is the right time to adopt a new phone system having an auto attendant with Interactive Voice Response system. Although IVR system is expensive, still you can get it through a hosted PBX service. A hosted PBX system includes all the features of the latest phone system but at far less cost owing to the virtual nature of the phone system. You can get such kind of IVR system with a dedicated phone or internet connection.

 Interactive Voice Response System, ivr system,call center

The auto attendant system will serve as a medium between your callers and you. In fact, it will also pay customized greeting message for specific callers and present them with a menu including options with which one can get connected to the needed extension. The Interactive Voice Response System will follow the caller’s voice commands and offers the right menu options. If there is a need then callers can use touch tone keys to choose the options. A voice-enabled auto attendant serves a very good purpose of receptionist for those businesses who are not able to handle the calls with the same efficiency.

Moreover, an auto attendant system also serves the purpose of the multi-channel contact center. Now you don’t need to fear of losing important caller due to a busy signal. Auto attendant system diverts the important calls to the interactive voice response system when there is a busy signal. Customers can also leave their message. In this way, the negative effects of busy caller tune will be lessening. Many callers do not dial a company’s numbers because there were a series of busy tones. You can avoid losing these callers by adopting a smart auto attendant supported by the IVR system.

IVR system includes fax mail system for delivering fax. Here, faxes are delivered to an email account rather than the regular fax machine. The auto attendant system witnesses the incoming signal to distinguish between calls and faxes and connects the signals to the suitable systems. In this way, your calls and faxes can be handled in an effective manner using this kind of smart auto attendants with Interactive voice response system. You can do the efficiency and image of large companies. You can enhance the productivity of your employees by providing them with their owing phone extensions, fax numbers, and voice mailboxes.

Interactive Voice response plays a very important role to enhance your business growth. If you are looking for an IVR system to develop your business, WCC is the best place for you where you can get all kind of equipment for your multi-channel contact centers. Visit us to know more.

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