Panoramic application of ASR and TTS technology

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Panoramic application of ASR and TTS technology

The advent of ASR and TTS makes people closer to the computer and makes the human-machine interface seem more natural.

The panoramic application of ASR and TTS in WCC mutichannel contact center

The thriving development of computer technology is driven by the infinite demand of mankind. The computer world, which seems far away from us, has gradually penetrated into our life as the demand of mankind grows.The advent of ASR and TTS makes the human-computer interface seem more natural, while the distance between people and computers is closer. Because of the wide application of CTI in the field of communication, computer technology and communication platform are constantly fused, and the ASR and TTS technologies are popularized rapidly. For example, WCC multichannl contact center on the perfect performance of ASR and TTS technology application.

The application of ASR

ASR full name is automated speech recognition, that is, automatic language recognition technology, which is a human language into text technology. Language recognition is an interdisciplinary field that covers: signal processing, pattern recognition, information theory, vocalization, auditory mechanisms, AND artificial intelligence and so on. The perfect application of speech recognition technology depends on the following four points: 1. Recognize the size of the vocabulary and the complexity of the voice 2. The quality of voice signals 3. Single dialogue or multi-person dialogue 4. Hardware configuration issues.The speech recognition technology of our WCC multichannel Contact center has higher functional and performance requirements.At present, the ASR technology applied to WCC is a recognition technique based on vocabulary and grammar. The first is to design a syntax based on the needs of the system, which includes all possible speech input from the user when interacting with the user, and the vocabulary comes from all the words that may appear in the grammar. In order to more adapt to the user’s operation needs, our entire channel call center system also added some upgrade functions, such as interrupt function, natural language understanding function.

colorThe application of TTS

TTS English full name is text to speech, that is, text-to-speech, also known as speech synthesis, is the process of translating text into speech output contrary to the operating mechanism of ASR. Speech synthesis involves many subjects, such as acoustics, linguistics, digital signal processing technology, multimedia, etc.In our multichannel contact Center IVR system is an important component, through IVR system, users can use the audio key telephone input information obtain pre-recorded digital or synthetic voice information from the system. At the same time IVR with TTS function can make the service faster and efficient cost-saving requirements.Applying TTS in IVR can automatically convert text information into voice files, or synthesize the text information in real time and publish it by telephone. Automatic bidirectional conversion of text and speech will achieve automatic interaction between people and the system anytime and anywhere for customer service. Maintenance personnel no longer have to manually record, only the electronic documents into the system, the system can automatically convert electronic documents to voice information broadcast to the customer. A large number of data stored in the database without prior recording, which can be found at any time according to query conditions and synthesized voice broadcast, thus greatly reducing the workload of the seat staff.

Integration with the multichannel contact center

We have industry-leading asr, TTS technology to maximize recognition accuracy.When connected to our contact center, IVR will be able to access smart dialogs that enable customers to talk to each other, recognize the needs of users using natural language comprehension, and text-to-speech features such as billing invoices and large credit card payments to users in a timely manner, Intelligent analysis of normative calligraphy for the agents to provide targeted training advice. In addition to the text-to-speech function makes the content of the interaction in quality inspection more efficient and intuitive, and can directly input keyword search, through the search content analysis engine detection for in-depth content analysis, positive response to customer behavior changes to improve the quality of interaction.

WCC contact center can bring you a pleasant and efficient artificial intelligence experience. Join us and realize the value of the efficient work.

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