How to use the telephone system to improve patient engagement 1

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How to use the telephone system to improve patient engagement 2

How to use the telephone system to improve patient engagement 1

COVID-19 has reshaped the way the medical industry operates.
Next, we can learn more about how having a phone system can help you improve patient engagement.
As the increasingly advanced level of science and technology gradually bridges the gap in communication, modern medical diagnosis can involve multiple methods such as calls, emails, and videos to improve the health of patients.

In this year, the healthcare industry is gradually catching up with other business areas. It can be expected that if you want to grow and succeed in a fiercely competitive market, it depends on the more information that patients get, the quality of medical care, and the access to data.
And the accountability system.
The current medical concept has gradually changed. In the past, patients had to actively contact medical staff, but now this concern is mutual.
Let’s take a look at what is the participation of doctors and patients, and how science and technology have changed

What is patient engagement?

Patient participation needs to encourage patients to participate more in their medical procedures to provide better care, improve patient health and reduce costs.
It involves methods used to facilitate patients to manage their care through communication aimed at promoting positive outcomes.
With the development of technology, patients today are beginning to show greater interest in medical care.
Dedicated patients will be able to make better decisions about their healthcare options.
As healthcare consumers, we require more transparent, responsive and open healthcare processes.

We hope that practitioners can make us more involved in the decision-making process.
Although this may vary from person to person, better awareness has led more people to demand transparency and participation in their health.
Advanced participation plans are based on subsequent interactions to help drive better health outcomes, such as better adherence to medication and lifestyle changes to adapt to health.

Benefits of patient participation

The choice of lifestyle is the main factor that determines the health status and the follow-up needs of follow-up medical procedures.
Starting from prevention, disease treatment and cure, the patient’s behavior will affect the disease state.
According to reports, more patients engaged in health care have achieved positive results.
According to this study, patients who are less involved are three times more likely to have unmet medical needs.

The benefits of continuous patient involvement include:

Overall health improved

Continuous monitoring and effective communication can help patients maintain their health.
It also enables them to make decisions after consulting with healthcare providers to lead a better lifestyle that is more suitable for their health.

Quick access to medical records

Continuous participation can help patients quickly access their medical records. Patients with access to their medical records are 60% more likely to follow the medical plan, and participating patients are more likely to comply with their medical care plan.

Patients are more involved in their healthcare

The motivation to follow up with patients motivates them to become more involved in their health, thereby helping to achieve a better return on investment in both time and money.

Improve patient satisfaction

Patient participation requires constant communication, which can help medical professionals share more information about their health.

Based on these continuous investments, patients can continuously improve their health, thereby increasing overall satisfaction.

cut costs

Ongoing communication helps prevent unintended situations and reduces the possibility of expensive emergency procedures.
This ultimately helps to retain patients and helps maintain the patient base.
Combined with technologies such as electronic medical records (EHR), patient participation can increase your total income.
What can you do to increase interaction with patients?

Now that you understand the benefits of patient participation, you also need to know what strategies/techniques can be used to involve patients in their healthcare.
In the next issue, we will learn about participation strategies that will help doctors and patients to achieve an overall understanding.

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